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The best way to move a camera since 1975. Our Clipper 312 can handle any camera from the lightest DSLRs to the heaviest Alexa builds.

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4k Video Production

Turn your next video into a work of art. Work with our experts to make the perfect video for your brand.

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Highspeed Video

If it's too fast too see, it's too important not to. Shoot up to 1600fps at 2.5k resolution or 2500fps at 1080p with one of our many highspeed cameras

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Music Videos

Jam out to your favorite tunes while a video for it comes alive before your very eyes.


Reach millions of views live! Broadcast TV production puts your story in front of eyes around the world.

Web Streaming

You don't need a ticket for these events! Stream your show live over the internet.

Short films

Movies good enough for the big screen. Don't let your script sit in a drawer forever.


Bring your brand into the spotlight. Show off how great your business is.

Corporate Videos

Take to a boardroom or to an entire company. Jazz up your quarterly meeting with something special.