Live Event Package

Having to go to separate vendors and get quotes for each piece of gear for a broadcast can take days and never ends up being cheap. DC Steadicam Inc has everything you need for a live broadcast for the web, TV, or just in the room. Below is our standard package available for a low flat rate. Available add-ons include additional cameras, robotic cameras, longer lenses, Jibs, Steadicams, Projection, live streaming, and much more.



3 Panasonic HPX250’s provide the basis for a high quality broadcast. Full 1080P sensors and 22x zoom lenses provide a crystal clear image. High quality AVCIntra internal recording allows you to record camera “Iso’s” to edit later. HD-SDI outputs mean you can place the camera hundreds of feet from the switcher with no quality loss. Each camera is paired with a fluid head tripod for smooth moves and rock steady pictures.


A Ross Crossover Solo allows for a whopping 12 inputs from anything from cameras to computers and has 5 outputs to allow for routing of images to screens onstage or in another room. It’s LiveEDL function automatically records the metadata of the live switch allowing post production to take hours instead of days or weeks.


A Panasonic 26″ HD monitor allows the director to see each input as it will go to air. A second 17″ monitor acts as either a reference monitor to review focus and color or as a producer monitor to allow a producer to watch the show in spectacular clarity.


A 2 channel ClearCom Intercom system allows your producers to talk on one channel while the crew talks on another, eliminating awkwardly talking over each other and streamlining communication. Our David Clark headsets can be worn for hours without any discomfort.


An Atomos Samurai Blade allows recording in post production ready Prores or DNxHD and records to standard 2.5″ SSD’s. Bring a drive with you and start post production on the plane ride home. Camera feeds cam be recorded internally as AVCIntra100 or AVCIntra50.