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Phantom V642


  • 35mm Phantom Flex Sensor
  • 2.5k 2560x1440 at 1600fps
  • 1080p 1920x1080 at 2500fps
  • Raw, Prores, or H.264 output
  • Includes PL and EF mounts

The sister camera to the Phantom Flex, the v642 has broadcast in it's blood. Output live video while playing back Slow motion video at the same time for slow motion replays in an instant. If you're more at home on a film set, output RAW and Prores files direct from the camera without transcoding and hand off to your editors wit no waiting. ISO 1000 sensitivity means you can light with low power and inexpensive LEDs instead of power hungry HMIs and tungsten fixtures.

What can you do with a Phantom?