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We're 4k, are you? Upgrade your next production to a fully 4k workflow. Offering DCI 4k Sony cinema cameras, and UHD Blackmagic broadcast cameras, we have a match for any project.

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Don't get caught in the dark. DCSI is up to date with the latest lighting technology. Keep your production green with low energy and high CRI LED and fluorescent fixtures. Featuring lights from Litepanels, Kino-Flo, Apurture, and Arri.

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Make your voice loud with high end mics for any application. Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sanken and Shure make up most of our collection. Fully stocked with wireless and wired mics

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Live Event

Broadcast your event out to the world live with multicamera productions. Our talented crews have brought hundreds of programs to life.


Are you ready for your closeup? Our talented camera, lighting, make-up, and audio teams will make you look your best.


Turn on your TV! Our crews regularly work on 4-15 million viewer broadcasts and flagship network shows. Let us bring our expertise to you.


Your brand is your image. Why not show it off with high quality video produced by pros.