2018 Steadicam Demo reel

Collection of Steadicam work from 2010-2018. Newer demos can be found below.


DJI Ronin Segway test

First tests of mounting a DJI Ronin onto a Steadicam onto a Segway. Shots are super smooth and almost dream like.

Meet the Press End Game

Filmed during the post show chaos, the conversation continues when the panel gets asked crowd sourced questions

D.R.A.M–Cha Cha

Filmed with Goodboy Media, this music video used Steadicam to get smooth and fast shots inside a busy nightclub.



Filmed in mid 2014, this was a major concert for PBS using 9 pedestal cameras, a jib, and a Steadicam. This was a for TV event and shots were scripted and well planned out.


Dailey and Vincent: Alive!

Concert filmed for PBS and DVDs in early 2014. Was filmed in 2 days with 4 concerts total.

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